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First Microdata Inc. is pleased to announce the introduction of its new digital scanner-microfilm camera processor, the
DMS 1200 Business machine

This is truly a unique business machine which will simultaneously produce high quality microfilm, process the microfilm within the unit at high speeds and create a digital scanned image which can be taken to storage or transmitted with a high performance proprietary image compression software technology.

This is the only business machine which has three core features of digitizing, microfilming and processing simultaneously. NOTE: the digital document and the microfilm are ORIGINAL documents. There are devices on the market which will produce a microfilm from a digital scanned document. Our philosophy is that this is inferior evidentiary quality as the microfilm is produced from a less than perfect file. Our microfilm is the original archive quality product.

First Microdata Inc. is a new name but our experience is quite lengthy. The company in the past under the name of 21st Microdata produced a line of microfilm cameras and processors which were sold under the Minolta private label.

Microfilm is enjoying a significant revival.

QUOTE: "We consider microfilm the only tested means of preservation.."
Library of Congress

Our Mission is to continue to develop equipment to produce the archive quality product record managers desire. And to provide an electronic database tool for efficiency in net working, improved storage capacity and enhanced transmission speeds. We have accomplished this task with our unique Business Machines.

We invite you to follow through the next few pages illustrating our current product line including the new revolutionary DMS 1200 machine, our conventional microfilm cameras and processors and our complete line of microfiche duplicators.

Thank you, we welcome your comments and interest.                                                            


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